Shred Days

We're hosting four shred days this year, with our document shredding service provider, Shred-it®.

Important Guidelines and Details:

  • Shred day events are FREE for Texans CU members
  • All shred day events are from 8:30am to 10:30am - last person must be in line by 10:25am
  • Up to five (5) containers per person in line (check the list of shreddables)
    **This limit is in place to minimize the total shred weight for our provider AND to give everyone in attendance a fair amount to shred.**
  • On the day of the event:
    • Park in parking spots around the branch and bring all of your containers (up to five) to the "destruct truck"
    • Containers (boxes, bags, etc.) are returned to you once emptied
    • Assistance with your containers is provided, if needed

Review our Shred Day Frequently Asked Questions!

Shred Day Events 2017

Spring Events
Saturday, April 1, 8:30am-10:30am
McDermott (Plano) Branch
2213 McDermott Road
Plano, TX 75025
Saturday, May 6, 8:30am-10:30am
Telecom Pkwy. Branch
7220 Telecom Pkwy.
Garland, TX 75044
Events end promptly at 10:30am - last person must be in line by 10:25am
Fall Events
Saturday, September 9, 8:30am-10:30am
Carrollton Branch

3601 N. Josey Lane
Carrollton, TX 75007
Saturday, October 14, 8:30am-10:30am
Wylie Branch

430 S. Highway 78, #199
Wylie, TX 75098
Events end promptly at 10:30am - last person must be in line by 10:25am



Shred Day Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to attend Shred Day?
No, all shred day events are free for Texans CU members. This is a service our members find very valuable, and we are delighted to offer it as a 'thank you' for being a Texans CU member.

Can I attend more than one shred day event?

How do you choose the locations for your shred day events?
Several factors are taken into account as we choose locations, including metroplex location, property limitations (property management company, especially within shopping centers), parking and accessibility, and close proximity to residential areas (for greater member convenience).

I also need to do my banking while I’m at Shred Day. Is the branch open during the event?
Yes, all branch locations are open normal Saturday hours, 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Are there certain items I cannot shred at Shred Day?
Yesplease check the list of shreddable do's and don't's here.
Why is there a limit on how many containers of shreddables I can bring?
The limit is in place to minimize the total shred weight for our shred vendor, Shred-it® (there's only so much room in the truck!). Additionally, this ensures everyone who is in attendance gets a fair amount of "shred time" and keeps the line moving so everyone can be served in the two-hour period. You may always attend another shred day event at a different location if you have more than five containers of shreddables.

Note: If you bring more than five containers, your remaining containers after the initial five will not be shredded. Please respect everyone's time and adhere to the limit of five.

If my spouse / child / parent is also a member but not able to attend, can I bring their containers with me?
In order to respect everyone's time and ensure everyone waiting in line gets served during the event, we must enforce the limit of five containers of shreddables per person in attendance. You (or your spouse / child / parent) may attend another shred day event, if needed.

Is there a size limit or type of material my container of shreddables must be?
No. Remember that your container will be returned to you once emptied by our shred provider.
I am attending Shred Day but cannot pick up my containers of shreddables to get them in line with me. Can someone assist me?
Definitely! Texans CU employees can always help!

I tried to get to an event and did not arrive until right at 10:30am. Why could I not get my shreddables shredded?
Our shred vendor allots only two hours for each Texans CU Shred Day and usually has other shred events scheduled after ours (and has to empty the truck in between events). To be respectful of our provider's time and schedule, we ask that everyone be in line by 10:25am. Our shred provider drives off at 10:30am!

Why do I have to park and get in line with my containers of shreddables?
Most of our branches are located in high-traffic shopping centers or near busy intersections. Having a long line of cars at Shred Day means back-up into those high-traffic areas! The safety of our members and their vehicles is important, as well as not creating traffic problems for the communities we serve. We are happy to help you get your containers of shreddables out of your car and into the line with you, though!

What is the weather policy for shred day events since they are outdoors?
Our shred vendor's policy is rain or shine, but up to 48 hours prior to the event, if severe weather is in the forecast, updates will be available on the Texans CU homepage as well as this page. Mother Nature can be unpredictable and the safety of our members, employees and shred vendor employees is a top priority, so we appreciate your understanding in the case of severe weather.

For any other questions about our shred day events, give us a call at 972.348.2000 (800.843.5295) or visit your local branch.

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