Choosing the Best Credit Card for You

Like many others, your mailbox is probably full of pre-approved credit card offers from which to choose. So, which one should you get? Before you accept any offer or apply for a credit card, research your options. Take time to compare the critical elements of each credit card to make the right choice.

Consider the following elements when comparing credit card options:

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): An APR shows the interest rate for a whole year (annualized) applied to your current balance, rather than just a monthly fee/rate. It’s the finance charge. The higher the APR, the more interest you will pay on a credit card balance carried from month to month. Look for changes in the APR under certain conditions, especially if you get a lower rate for an introductory period. At Texans CU, we offer two great credit cards with low, non-variable interest rates. Check out the latest credit cards we offer our members!

Grace Period: The grace period is the amount of time you have to pay your balance in full before a finance charge is applied.

Fees: There are many different types of fees that are associated with credit cards. The most common types of fees are annual fees, balance transfer fees, over-the-limit fees, and cash advance fees. Our Texans Credit Cards have NONE of these common fees you might find with other cards! Reivew our latest credit card fee schedule.

Calculation of Finance Charge: The method used to calculate the finance charge has an impact on the amount of the finance charge.

Credit Limit: The credit limit, or the amount you can purchase on your card, may influence your purchasing power.

Rewards: Because many credit cards look alike, card issuers attach special rewards to their cards to provide added value or more benefits to their cardholders. You should always read the material about any reward program to review its terms and conditions. At Texans CU, we offer our Cash Rewards Visa® Card with cash-back rewards – perfect for members who travel often or want to regularly use their card for large purchases! Get all of the details on our Cash Rewards Visa® Card here or contact our e-Branch at 972.348.2000 (option 4).

It is important to select the credit card that suits your lifestyle best. We encourage you to compare our rates, terms and fees with other credit card issuers. Read the “fine print” in any credit card offer to be sure you are getting exactly what you want. One of the worst things that can happen is to find out about hidden costs and fees after the fact.

We’re sure you will find a credit card at Texans CU that meets your needs. To apply for a credit card, give us a call at 972.348.2000 (option 4), apply online, or stop by one of our branch locations and speak with a representative. Whatever your choice, we’re here to help you make the best financial decision for you.


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