Courtesy Pay

Your Checking Account's Protection

Have you ever experienced the embarrassment of having a check returned or a debit card transaction declined? If you haven’t, what’s the chance it could? While we enjoy the conveniences of automatic bill payment, direct deposit and electronic transfers, keeping your account balanced can sometimes be challenging. All it takes is one minor mistake –a deposit not coming through in time or a payment clearing quicker than you planned – and you could be faced with a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee, plus merchant fees and possible damage to your credit history. But there’s a way to prevent this – Courtesy Pay.

Courtesy Pay is standard with all Texans checking accounts and helps you avoid the cost and embarrassment of returned checks or declined debit card transactions. We pay your transaction on the spot, with no forms to sign or buttons to push. Your transactions – and your life – go uninterrupted.

Eligible members are automatically enrolled in Courtesy Pay coverage for checks and ACH transactions (such as automatic bill payments) when they open an account. If you want your everyday ATM and debit card transactions covered, just tell us!

The best part is there is NO COST to add this protection to your account! You are only charged when you access Courtesy Pay, and even then, it’s only $35 per transaction1, which compared to the embarrassment or inconvenience of a declined debit card, is minimal.

Courtesy Pay is designed to protect you – and can prove vital in the case of urgent or stressful circumstances.

Of course, Courtesy Pay should only be used in rare occurrences. How can you avoid a situation that might require you to use your Courtesy Pay coverage? Here are some ideas to help you stay in “check” with your checking account:

  • Balance your checkbook on a regular basis
  • Keep your check register up-to-date or regularly check your activity in online banking
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Keep an account cushion
  • Review monthly statements
  • Set up account alerts

It is nice to know that if you run into any type of difficulty, Texans CU is there to make your life a little easier. And if at any time you want to opt out of Courtesy Pay, you can do that, too!

Get more information about our Courtesy Pay Program online, by phone at 972-348-2000 (toll-free 800-843-5295), or at your local branch.


1. If a Texans Check Card transaction occurs, an ACH transaction occurs, you write a check, you perform a transaction by any other electronic means, or you take other action that results in your Account becoming overdrawn, Texans may pay the item which exceeds the balance in your account up to $750, including fees. If at any time the limit has been reached, new attempted debit card transactions will be declined, and check, ACH and already-processed/pending debit card transactions that exceed the limit will be returned unpaid and you will incur a charge for a Returned Item Due to Insufficient Funds (NSF fee). Accounts are subject to closure if a negative balance remains after 10 business days. Whether or not the overdraft will be paid is discretionary and Texans reserves the right not to pay. For example, Texans typically does not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, you are not making regular deposits, or if you have too many overdrafts. Your account may become eligible for Courtesy Pay after the account has been open for a minimum of 30 days.
Courtesy Pay is not available for Business Accounts.

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