In the News: Felony Lane Gang

An organized group of individuals, known to police as the “Felony Lane Gang,” resurfaced recently in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We want to remind you to be vigilant and cautious with your belongings.

  • Always take your keys and lock your car when you leave the vehicle.
  • Do not leave your purse or other valuable belongings in your car.
    Primary targets for this gang are women who are watched for leaving their purses in the car (including the trunk) while going into the following locations:
    Key locations being targeted: Parks, daycares, churches and gyms
  • If your purse or wallet is stolen, report it IMMEDIATELY so that we can protect your account(s).
    This group is using victims’ identities to cash checks or withdraw money at their banks and credit unions. Immediate notification of a stolen driver’s license, debit card, purse, wallet, etc., is critical.

This group is going to great lengths to disguise themselves to match their victims’ physical identities, so we are extra diligent in verifying members’ identities closely, especially in drive-thru lanes (which is where the name “felony lane” comes from).

If you perform a transaction at one of our branches and get requests from staff to remove your sunglasses, take off your hat or have extra security questions asked of you, we appreciate your understanding and patience – we want to keep all our members’ accounts safe from fraudsters like this.

For more information on this group and how to report identity theft if you fall victim, please see the below articles for reference (one is from 2013, as this gang has made its way across various states in the last few years and continues to return):

"Lewisville police warn of Felony Lane Gang"

"Police warn of organized car burglars"

Reporting Identity Theft or Fraud

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