Traveling with Your Texans Debit Card

About to embark on a trip? Give us a call first.

Your trip is fast approaching and Texans would like to take a moment to confirm your domestic or overseas travel information in order to prevent any possible check card security issues.

At Texans, we employ many safeguards to protect you from fraud, both at home and while you are traveling. We utilize both a neural network and an in-house Fraud Alert System that monitors debit card and ATM transactions. If a suspicious transaction or a transaction out of your normal spending pattern appears, it is possible that your debit card could be blocked. To help prevent this from happening, please contact us so we can notate your account(s).

Please confirm your travel and card information with Texans by calling 972.348.2000 or 800.843.5295. The representative you speak with will complete a travel notification form that will reach the necessary department. In addition to calling, you may also visit any of our branches and notify a customer service representative in person.

Information to take with you on your trip:

A Few Travel Tips:

It is advisable to carry more than one credit card and/or debit card when traveling overseas. Texans also offers Travelers Cheques.

1. Prepare for Your Trip

  • Take everything out of your wallet or purse that you don't need.
  • Photocopy or write down everything you keep in your wallet or purse. Take a copy with you and give a copy to somebody you trust and can contact if necessary. Examples of what to copy:
    • Driver's license or ID number
    • Passport number
    • Traveler's Cheques
    • ATM/Debit card and credit card numbers and expiration dates
    • Your credit union and/or card issuer phone numbers
    • Your Texans member number

Be sure to keep your written information in a location other than your wallet or purse!

2. Understand Foreign ATMs

Use the networks that are shown on the back of your MasterCard Debit Card or ATM card.

In many European countries the primary account is the checking account. As a result, you may not be given the option to withdraw funds from your savings account, since the checking account is assumed. If you have a savings account only, you may have difficulty using your ATM Card in Europe. Consider opening a checking account before you leave.

Find an ATM where you will be traveling, and print your search results for easy reference while traveling.

3. Transactions

Your account will be charged for the U.S. Dollar equivalent of your international transaction. Texans Credit Union does not determine the exchange rate. This is determined by the overseas merchant's financial institution or ATM network that you used.

Use a currency converter to approximate the rate you will receive when using your card internationally.

If you have questions about accessing your funds while traveling, contact us at 972.348.2000 or 800.843.5295. Bon Voyage!

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