How Texans Protects You

Texans has implemented many safeguards to protect your accounts and personal information. For more information on what Texans does to protect you:

Fraud Analysis & Card Tracking
Email Encryption
Texans CU Security Policy

  • Fraud Analysis and Card Tracking: Texans employs a third-party vendor to look for suspicious debit card activity on members’ accounts. Should suspicious activity occur on your account, you will be alerted via an automated phone call from the Fraud Detection Center to verify the account activity. In certain instances, you may even receive a phone notification that, due to the suspicious activity, a temporary hold has been placed on your account. You will be asked to call a toll-free number and to enter a 6-digit code provided in the message. In some cases, if several attempts by phone have gone unanswered, the member may also receive a letter from the Card Processing Center Fraud Division with the same type of information. Again, a prompt response is needed in order to verify the account activity and to avoid unnecessary interruption in card use.

    Sometimes when members receive these calls they are unsure if they are legitimate and will call us to find out. Please rest assured, these calls are legitimate and it is important that you return the call as soon as possible to confirm whether the transaction is fraudulent or not.

    During this transaction verification process, Texans will not ask you for personal financial information such as account numbers, debit or credit card numbers, PIN’s, etc. If you receive such a call from an entity claiming to be from Texans, do not provide him/her with any information and contact Texans immediately at 972.348.2000 or 800.843.5295.

    As an added protection measure, Texans also has an in-house fraud analysis team that tracks fraud trends and examines suspicious account activity, often within minutes of the transactions being made. This analysis stops fraudulent activity as soon as it begins.

  • Zix Email Encryption: Email has become a preferred method of communication for many people. In order to maintain the security and confidentiality of private information while providing the convenience you desire, Texans has implemented a new email encryption service through Zix Corporation. This service will enable Texans to protect your personal information, such as social security, driver’s license, credit card, and account numbers, from undesirable external parties on the internet.

    Texans' Consumer Loan Department also uses this new system. All electronic communications which contain confidential data sent between Texans' Consumer Loan Department and members will be encrypted. You will be able to receive and reply to our encrypted email communications easily, and with the knowledge that others will not be able to access that information.

    If you are not a current ZixCorp email encryption customer then you will receive secure e-mail via the following method:

    You will receive the contents of your messages encrypted as an attachment to the email. You will need to click on the attachment and create a password to read and reply to our secure messages.

    If you have any questions concerning our new encrypted email service, please contact us at 972.348.2000 or 800.843.5295.

    Please note: If you are communicating via email with someone at Texans CU but email encryption is not being used, we strongly recommend that you do not send personal financial information in an email. If you get an email that you are unsure of, do not respond and contact us immediately at 972.348.2000 or 800.843.5295.

Remember, whether you are contacted by mail, phone or email, it is not Texans' practice to contact members unsolicited and ask for specific personal or financial information, such as card numbers, account numbers, etc. If you are ever asked for this type of information, you should hang up and let us know immediately by calling 972.348.2000 or 800.843.5295.

For more information on how Texans protects you, please review our Security Policy.


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