Savar Kids Club

Teach your children age 10 and under that saving is FUN and REWARDING!

When you open a Share (Savings) Account1 for your child, he or she becomes an official $avar Kids Club Member! Each child receives a special Welcome Packet with a 16-page activity book and a Kids Club card, the ticket to earning great prizes!

  • Your child collects stickers on the Kids Club Card for each in-person deposit2 made.
  • When your child has collected enough stickers, visit a Texans branch to receive a cool prize!

Questions about the prize process? Speak with a representative at your nearest Texans branch or contact us at 972.348.2000 (800.843.5295).

$avar's Story

"You may have noticed that I'm not from around here. I wasn't born in Texas or on Planet Earth. My name is $avar, and I'm an alien from the planet Doughlar. I flew millions of light years in my spaceship to bring my money-saving expertise to the children of Earth. When I landed, I discovered the friendly people of Texans Credit Union wanted to set up a special account to help their younger members learn the value of saving. Together we created the $avar Kids Club.

I even brought many special prizes with me to give to Kids Club members as a reward for saving! I know saving can sometimes be difficult, and sometimes you have to wait a long time to see the benefit. So Texans is helping me distribute these cool prizes to all their smart young savers!"


Complete a membership application and visit your local branch to...

Join the $avar Kids Club today!



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1. View the Annual Percentage Yield and minimum balance requirement to open and maintain a Share (Savings) Account. Monthly service charge (single-service fee) does not apply while member iis under age 25; please see fee schedule for latest fee information.
2. Deposits by mail, ATM or direct deposit do not qualify. Deposit made in person with child present receives 2 stickers; deposit made in person without child present receives 1 sticker.



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