Courtesy Pay & Overdraft Protection

At Texans, we want to help our members manage their finances responsibly. We also know that unforeseen circumstances or expenses can sometimes leave you a little short on cash.

That's why we offer options that protect you from merchant fees, possible damage to your credit history and potential embarrassment when you find yourself in those "short" situations.


There is no fee to have Courtesy Pay added to your account(s). You are only charged a fee if you exceed the Available Balance, as defined in the Consumer Membership Account Agreement, in your account and Courtesy Pay is used. Each time Courtesy Pay is used, a fee of $35 per transaction is assessed1.

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How Courtesy Pay Helps You:

  • Convenience: Even if your Available Balance is low, your transaction may be covered on the spot.
  • Peace of Mind: Courtesy Pay can prove vital in urgent circumstances such as unexpected car repairs or costs while traveling.
  • Privacy: Courtesy Pay safeguards you from the potential embarrassment of bouncing a check with a merchant or having your debit card declined when taking a friend to dinner. Neither the merchant nor other patrons will be aware of the status of your account.

What Items are Covered by Courtesy Pay:

Check & ACH transactions
Courtesy Pay for checks and ACH (automatic payments deducted from your account) transactions is available for all Texans Checking accounts. Eligible members are automatically enrolled for this Courtesy Pay coverage when they sign up for an account.

ATM & everyday debit card transactions
Courtesy Pay for ATM & everyday debit card transactions is available for all Texans Checking accounts. You are required to opt in to receive this coverage – you may do so online or by completing a paper form and mailing, faxing or bringing it into a branch. You can also update your preferences using the online or paper form.

Courtesy Pay may cover items that exceed the Available Balance of your account up to $750 (including fees)1

Requirements for Courtesy Pay:

Whether or not a transaction is covered by Courtesy Pay is discretionary and Texans Credit Union reserves the right not to pay. The following is a list of account characteristics that Texans recommends in order to pay an item under Courtesy Pay:

  • Your account is in good standing
  • You are making regular deposits
  • You have not had excessive overdrafts or overdrawn accounts
  • Your account has been open for at least 30 days

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Courtesy Pay FAQ’s

Compare Overdraft Protection vs. Courtesy Pay


Overdraft Protection is available with all Texans Checking accounts. You may designate a Texans Line of Credit, Money Market account or Savings account of your choice to cover any transactions that would otherwise overdraw your checking account. As long as there are available funds, and your designated overdraft account is active, your transaction will go through.

Overdraft Protection can help cover any types of transactions (checks you’ve written, automatic payments, debit card purchases, etc.). Each time your Overdraft Protection is used, a fee of $5.00 per transaction is assessed*.


For more information on Courtesy Pay or Overdraft Protection, contact us at 972.348.2000 (800.843.5295) or visit your local Texans branch.




* Federal regulations establish the maximum number of remote transactions that can be made each calendar month on Money Market and Share accounts. Members may not make more than six transfers and/or withdrawal transactions on their Share account or Money Market account by check, draft, debit card, PC, Telephone Access Line, Online Banking, telephone or written instruction. Transactions made in person, by mail or at an ATM do not apply. Credit Approval required for a Texans Line of Credit. A joint owner on your checking account, who is not a joint owner on your Share (savings), Money Market, and/or co-borrower on your Texans Line of Credit, will have access to your Share (savings), Money Market, and/or Texans Line of Credit. Up to two accounts may be selected for overdraft protection. Other checking accounts excluded as overdraft option.
1. If a Texans Debit Card transaction occurs, an ACH transaction occurs, you write a check, you perform a transaction by any other electronic means, or you take other action that results in your Account becoming overdrawn, Texans may pay the item which exceeds the Available Balance, as defined in the Consumer Membership Account Agreement, in your account up to $750, including fees. If at any time the limit has been reached, items that exceed the limit will be returned unpaid and you will incur a charge for a returned item due to insufficient funds (NSF fee). Accounts are subject to closure if a negative balance remains after 10 business days. Whether or not the overdraft will be paid is discretionary and Texans reserves the right not to pay. For example, Texans typically does not pay overdrafts if your account is not in good standing, you are not making regular deposits, or if you have too many overdrafts. Your account may become eligible for Courtesy Pay after the account has been open for a minimum of 30 days.


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