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How Texans Protects You

Texans has implemented many safeguards to protect your accounts and personal information. For more information on what Texans does to protect you:

Fraud Analysis & Card Tracking
Email Encryption
Texans CU Security Policy

Fraud Analysis and Card Tracking

  • Texans employs a third-party vendor to look for suspicious debit card activity on members’ accounts. Should suspicious activity occur on your account, you are alerted via an automated phone call from the Fraud Detection Center to verify the account activity. In certain instances, you may even receive a phone notification that, due to the suspicious activity, a temporary hold has been placed on your account. You are then asked to call a toll-free number and enter a six-digit code provided in the message. In some cases, if several attempts by phone have gone unanswered, you may also receive a letter from the Card Processing Center's Fraud Division with the same type of information. Again, a prompt response is needed in order to verify the account activity and to avoid unnecessary interruption in card use.
  • Sometimes when members receive these calls, they are unsure if they are legitimate and call Texans CU to find out. Please rest assured, these calls are legitimate and it is important that you return the call as soon as possible to confirm whether the transaction is fraudulent or not.
  • During this transaction verification process, Texans will not ask you for personal financial information such as account numbers, debit or credit card numbers, PINs, etc. If you receive such a call from an entity claiming to be from Texans, do not provide him/her with any information and contact Texans immediately at 972.348.2000 (800.843.5295).
  • As an added protection measure, Texans also has an in-house fraud analysis team that tracks fraud trends and examines suspicious account activity, often within minutes of the transactions being made. This analysis stops fraudulent activity as soon as it begins.


Zix Email Encryption

  • Email has become a preferred method of communication for many people. In order to maintain the security and confidentiality of private information while providing the convenience you desire, Texans uses an email encryption service through Zix Corporation. This service enables Texans to protect your personal information, such as social security, driver’s license, credit card, and account numbers, from undesirable external parties on the internet.
  • Texans' Lending Department also uses this system, so all electronic communications which contain confidential data sent between Texans' Lending Department and members is encrypted. You can receive and reply to our encrypted email communications easily, and with the knowledge that others will not be able to access that information.
  • If you are not a current ZixCorp email encryption user, then you will receive secure email via ZixDirect and the following method:
    • You receive the contents of your messages encrypted as an attachment to the email. You need to open the attachment and create a password to read and reply to our secure messages.
    • If you have any questions concerning our new encrypted email service, please contact us at 972.348.2000 (800.843.5295).
    • Please note: If you are communicating via email with someone at Texans CU but email encryption is not being used, we strongly recommend that you do not send personal financial information in an email. If you get an email that you are unsure of, do not respond and contact us immediately at 972.348.2000 (800.843.5295).

Remember, whether you are contacted by mail, phone or email, it is not Texans' practice to contact members unsolicited and ask for specific personal or financial information, such as card numbers, account numbers, etc. If you are ever asked for this type of information, you should hang up and let us know immediately by calling 972.348.2000 (800.843.5295).

For more information on how Texans protects you, please review our Security Policy.

Digitally Enabled and Incredibly Accessible!

  • Online Banking/Bill Pay
  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Apple Pay
  • 70,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs - Worldwide
  • Enhanced ATM/Debit Card

All Texans Checking Accounts Are Digitally Enabled and Incredibly Accessible

Texans are smart and our checking accounts should be too. That's why all of our accounts are digitally focused and offer 24/7 access. Use the chart below to select the account that's right for you.

Purchase Rewards

Earn Cash Back Rewards, just for Using Your Texans Debit Card

Purchase Rewards allows you to earn cash back on items you already purchase from stores where you already shop! Here's how it works.

  1. Receive personalized offers directly in online or mobile banking
  2. Accept an offer and earn rewards for any qualifying purchases
  3. Get cash back directly deposited into your checking account the following month

Start earning cash back today!

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Money Management

Manage All of Your Personal Finances, Right Inside Online Banking

This personal financial management tool brings together all of your accounts from virtually every company you do business with, in one place to give you a total picture of your finances. Use it to:

  1. Create a budget that is easy to stick to
  2. Observe your spending behaviors and trends
  3. Gain valuable insight into where your money is going

With the ability to connect to over 20,000 institutions, you can connect and review all of your accounts in one place!

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Financial Education Center

Important Articles About our Products & Services

Financial Education Center

70,000 Surcharge-Free ATMs

Access the World's Largest ATM Network with the Allpoint and CO-OP networks

Mobile Banking App

It's Like Having a Full-Service Branch on Your Phone or Tablet!

Manage your accounts, move money around, pay bills, and more:

  • Access accounts and view transactions
  • Fingerprint login capabilities for iOS and Android users
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Find your closest branch or surcharge-free ATM
  • View balances without logging in via Quick Balance


Mobile Deposit

All you need is your mobile phone and the Texans app to deposit checks anytime, anywhere. It's easy, convenient, and secure.

  1. Snap a picture of both sides of your signed check
  2. Choose the account for deposit
  3. Voila! Your check is deposited.

EMV Chip Technology

Protect Your Card Transactions from Fraud

All Texans debit and credit cards are now equipped with a fraud-fighting microchip that encrypts information when making transactions at a chip-enabled terminal.

  • Insert your card in the chip reader instead of swiping
  • You can still swipe your card when necessary
  • You can still use your card online or over the phone

Plus, chip cards are more widely accepted worldwide so your card is easier to use outside of the U.S.

Mastercard Debit Card

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Visa Credit Card

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VISA® Cards

Great Rate or Cash Back

Regardless of which card you choose, there are no annual fees with a Texans VISA card. Plus, you can transfer balances from your other high-rate cards without paying a balance transfer fee and take cash advances with no additional fees.

But that's not all. Your Texans VISA comes with online access where you can utilize our personal financial management tool, Money Management, to create a budget and gain valuable insight into where your money is going.

1 Rates subject to change and are based on personal credit history. For more information, visit our Rate Advantage VISA Card page.

2 For full cash back details and terms and conditions visit our Cash Rewards VISA Card page.

Mastercard® Debit Card

Cash With No Fees at 70,000 ATMs

Use your Texans Mastercard Debit Card at more than 70,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide through the Allpoint and CO-OP ATM networks, and anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Plus, your Texans Mastercard Debit Card will:

  • Double your manufacturer's warranty on purchases up to 12 Months*
  • Price protect purchases up to $250*
  • Provide a 60-day satisfaction guarantee on purchases for full refund of the purchase price*
  • Include Mastercard Global Service for emergency, one-day, temporary card replacement in the US*

Get a Texans Debit Card with your checking account today!

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* For full details and terms and conditions visit our Mastercard Debit benefits guide.

Courtesy Pay or Overdraft Protection

Protect your debit card transactions, ATM withdrawals, automatic payments and checks or EFTs from a declined transaction.

Overdraft Protection

Your first line of defense uses your accounts to cover overdrafts.

  • $5 fee for each transaction
  • Uses designated savings account or line-of-credit to pay overdrafts

Learn more about Overdraft Protection here

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972.348.2000 (800.843.5295)

Courtesy Pay

A one-time opt-in can provide an emergency backup against overdraft.

  • $35 fee for each transaction
  • May cover transactions that exceed your available balance, up to $750 (including fees)

Learn more about Courtesy Pay here

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Make the Switch to Mobile and Online Statements

Making the switch to eStatements is secure and easy. Here's how it works.

  • View and print statements right from your online or mobile banking
  • Up to 36 months of statements available for you anytime
  • Reduce waste while increasing your account security
Enroll in eStatements

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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Texans GAP coverage could save you thousands. If your vehicle is totaled or stolen, your insurance may not pay to cover its full value. That’s where we come in. Our GAP coverage offers low-cost protection if you have a high-cost loss by covering additional funds needed to pay off the vehicle loan. And it’s available on most new and used auto, motorcycle and RV loans1.


Major Mechanical Protection

Car repairs today can set you back thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Texans offers its members Major Mechanical Protection (MMP) coverage. This protects you from the unexpected expense of vehicle repairs. There’s absolutely no deductible for repairs and you don’t have to wait for reimbursement — all repair costs are covered up front. Available on most new and used auto loans2.

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