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Annual Audit Notice As part of the Texans Credit Union annual audit, our auditor, Doeren Mayhew, will be mailing account confirmation letters to a sample group of our membership in November. These letters will ask you to verify September 2023 month end balances on your accounts. Separate letters will be mailed for deposit accounts and loan accounts. All responses should be mailed directly to the auditing firm using the prepaid postage envelopes provided in the mailing.

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Employers are increasingly cognizant of the impact financial stress can have on employee performance. An attractive employee benefits program increases your appeal as an employer, minimizes your turnover, and boosts employee morale, engagement, and productivity. Businesses are progressively including financial education in their employee wellness programs.

Proposing the Texans Preferred Business Program as a benefit can boost your employees’ confidence throughout their financial well-being and guide them to make better financial decisions at no cost to you, the employer!

Texans Preferred Business Program Provides Lifelong Benefits to Your Employees



When you are a Texans Preferred Business, your employees can conveniently leverage Texans Credit Union’s benefits to assemble strong financial futures. Our productive workplace program offers a full suite of traditional products and services that provide your employees the best-in-class experience to help them live life to the fullest, with no charge to you, the organization.



Texans Preferred Business Program’s onsite educational tools can be personalized for your business that is suitable for your employees' needs. Our program is comprised of financial education seminars, onsite table days, new hire orientation presentations, and may be offered special promotions & discounts that conventional credit union members do not have access too. These exclusive perks help your employee benefits package standout in the marketplace.



Enhance employee gratification, efficiency, and retention with our free financial employee benefits program. Become a Texans Preferred Business and begin delivering the benefits to your employees.

Diminishing Financial Stress


Texans Preferred Business Program helps your employees make the most of their Texans Credit Union membership. They will learn how to access terrific rates, traditional checking accounts, online banking, the latest mobile app technology and much more. With 12 branch locations spread across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, you're never far from Texans Credit Union.

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