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2022 Texans Shred Days


Shred day events are free and open to all Texans CU members. Each member may bring up to three containers of shreddable material to each event. This limit is in place due to the capacity of the shred truck and to give everyone in attendance a fair amount to shred. Events are held on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Shred Day Guidelines:

All Shred Days will be held as drive-thru events.

Upon arrival, please drive up to the shred truck as indicated by the on-site staff.

Please remain inside your vehicle. A team member will remove your containers from your vehicle and bring them to the ProShred truck.

2022 Shred Day Events

We are hosting five shred days this year. All events begin at 8:30 am and end promptly at 12:30 pm - the last person must be in line by 12:25 pm.


1. Saturday, February 26
Richardson Branch
777 E Campbell Road
Richardson, TX 75081


2. Saturday, April 23
Frisco Branch
3232 W Main Street
Frisco, TX 75033


3. Saturday, July 23
Plano Branch
101 W Spring Creek Pkwy, #733
Plano, TX 75023


4. Saturday, September 17
McKinney Branch
3174 S Hardin Blvd
McKinney, TX 75070


5. Saturday, November 19
Garland - Telecom Branch
7220 Telecom Pkwy
Garland, TX 75044


Shred Day Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there a cost to attend Shred Day?

A-No, all shred day events are free for Texans CU members. This is a service our members find very valuable, and we are delighted to offer it as a membership perk.

Q: Can I attend more than one shred day event?


Q: How do you choose the locations for your shred day events?

A-Several factors are taken into account as we choose locations, including metroplex location, property limitations, parking and accessibility, and close proximity to residential areas.

Q: I also need to do my banking while I’m at Shred Day. Is the branch open during the event?

A-Yes - Texans branches are open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

Q: Are there certain items I cannot shred on Shred Day?

A-Yes - please check the list of accepted shreddable material.

Q: Why is there a limit on how many containers of shreddable I can bring?

A-The limit of three (3) containers of shreddable material per member is in place due to the capacity of the shred truck and to ensure everyone who is in attendance gets a fair amount to shred. You may also attend multiple shred day events.

Q: If my family member is also a Texans member but is not able to attend, can I bring their containers with me?

A-You may bring another Texans member's containers with you as long as you do not exceed the limit of three (3) containers of shreddable material per member present at the event.

Q: Is there a size limit or type of material my container of shreddable must be?

A-No. Remember that your container will be returned to you once emptied by our shred provider.

Q: I am attending Shred Day but cannot pick up my containers of shreddable to get them in line with me. Can someone assist me?

A-Absolutely! Due to COVID-19 safety procedures, all containers will be handled by a Texans CU staff member.

Q: I went to an event and arrived right at 12:30 pm. Why could I not get my materials shredded?

A-Our shred provider allots a specific amount of time for each Texans Shred Day and usually has other shred events scheduled after ours. To be respectful of our provider's time and schedule, we ask that everyone be in line by 12:25 pm. Our shred provider has to leave at exactly 12:30 pm.

Q: What is the weather policy for shred day events since they are outdoors?

A-Our shred provider's policy is rain or shine. However, for the safety of our members, employees, and shred provider employees, an event may be postponed in the case of severe weather. In the case of severe weather, updates will be available on the Texans CU homepage up to 48 hours prior to the event.

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