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Humble Beginnings


In 1953, 11 Texas Instruments employees pooled five dollars each and petitioned the Texas Banking Commission to establish an organization that would promote thrift and provide low-cost loans to TI employees. Soon after, a charter was granted by the State of Texas and Texins Credit Union was born. Just three months later, membership had grown to over 267 and assets totaled $6,855.73. A tradition of excellence had begun.

For nearly 40 years, Texins served only Texas Instruments employees. Then, in 1991, Texins expanded its field of membership to include employees at select businesses outside of TI. In 1998, Texins Credit Union expanded once again to adopt a community charter, allowing it to offer membership to citizens in surrounding communities. That same year, members voted to change the name from Texins to Texans to better reflect the diversity of this expanded field of membership.

Today, Texans provide a full suite of financial products and services to more than 120,000 members. Membership spans seven counties and serves the employees of over 100 select businesses. The Credit Union operates 11 branches and currently manages over $2.4 billion in assets.

Texans Serving Texans


Since the granting of its charter in 1953, Texans Credit Union has been an organization powered by Texans, for Texans. Texans' mission is not only to improve the economic well-being of its members, but to improve the well-being of the communities it serves.

Because personal financial responsibility begins at a young age, Texans actively promotes financial literacy programs among its youth membership, as well as within the community. The $avar Kids Club uses prize incentives to promote good saving habits in young members. Texans believes that building a strong financial foundation through education will foster healthy financial choices in adulthood.

Looking to the Future


Stemming from a company in which technological advancement and progress are paramount, Texans Credit Union is in a constant state of growth within the financial industry. Through new products and services and more advanced technology, Texans aspire, above all else, to serve its members more effectively every day. Texans' focus is to provide members with every convenience while still providing a consummate standard of undivided personal attention and service.

Built on the foundation of superior member service, Texans has upheld this philosophy for over 60 years. Texans strive for complete member satisfaction by operating with the utmost integrity, respect and accountability, not only to its members, but within the credit union itself.

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