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Texans Credit Union will never call you and ask for private information, such as your digital banking username and password, PIN, or Social Security Number. If you receive a call like this, please hang up and call us directly at 972.348.2000.

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Mobile Banking


Easily pay bills, transfer money, and more


Access your account statements anytime

Account Alerts

Keep up-to-date with customizable account alerts

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks anytime, anywhere

Texans CU Mobile App


Your accounts travel with you with the Texans CU mobile app. View your account balances and recent transactions, transfer money, pay bills, and deposit your checks all from the comfort of your home.

Download the app today to manage your accounts on your time.


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Your Digital Wallet


Enjoy the convenience of mobile payments on your device with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Add your Texans debit and credit cards to the digital wallet of your choice to easily make purchases with the tap of a button.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can download your statements to Quicken within the Accounts tab by clicking on your desired account and selecting the download icon, then selecting either Quicken WebConnect or QuickBooks from the Download Format drop-down menu.
Yes, you can download or print your statements within the Accounts tab by clicking on your desired account and selecting the printer icon or the download icon located under the search bar within the Transactions tab.
Yes, you will be able to view the prior 24 months of e-Statements within digital banking.
Your e-Statements can be found by selecting e-Statements from the Accounts drop-down menu. You will need to re-accept the e-Statement Terms and Conditions the first time you login to use this feature.
No, only the check amount will be listed.
Up to $225 will be available immediately upon approval of your mobile deposit. Funds exceeding $225 will be available within 1-7 business days. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding Federal Holidays. Please reference our Funds Availability Policy for more information.
Any transfers scheduled between October 20th and October 24th will be processed on October 25th after the upgrade is complete. These scheduled transfers may list "CvtdTxfr" in the memo section of the transfer details. This memo does not affect your transfer and can be changed or deleted.
Any transfers made from a Texans CU account to another Texans CU account will be processed immediately. Transfers made to or from an outside account must be processed through the other financial institution and may take a few days to process.
Accounts alerts can be set up by selecting Alerts from the Tools drop-down menu, then toggling each desired account alert on or off.
No, you will need to set up any desired account alerts in the upgraded system.
Yes, Texans and/or its bill payment processor may close your bill payment service if you do not settle for the uncollected payments. Your account may be blocked for up to one year. Additionally, if your bill pay service goes unused for 90 days, it will be deactivated. If you decide you want to use the service, you will need to reapply for it.
Your bill payment service will be unblocked three business days after you settle the uncollected payment(s) with our bill pay provider. The accounts are unblocked daily at 2:00am, 1:00pm and 6:00pm CT.
Your bill payment service can be inactivated if you did not have funds in your account to cover your bill payment. If your bill payment service is blocked, you will receive an email alert. You can view your pending payments and cancel pending payments, but current scheduled payments will be cancelled during the blocked period. In addition, recurring payments will be cancelled. Future dated recurring payments will be processed once the block is lifted. In addition, as needed, collection steps will be taken to recover the bill payment funds.
Sent: Check payment has been printed and mailed to the payee Completed: Electronic payment has been received and processed by the payee Cleared: Check payment has been received and cleared by the payee Canceled: Payment that you cancelled Stopped: Check payment has a stop pay placed on the check
The expedited payment features allows you to have a payment delivered to your merchant the next business day. Fees apply to this functionality.
The funds are deducted from your account two business days after your selected Send On date. For example, if you set the Send On date as Monday, June 13, the funds are removed from your account on Wednesday, June 15.
Bill Pay, including the ability to make payments, add payees, and view your scheduled payments or payment history, can be found by selecting Bill Pay from the Transfer & Pay drop-down menu.
Yes, any pre-scheduled payments will go out normally and do not need to be rescheduled.
No, all Bill Pay information, including payees, payments, and history will be available in digital banking after the upgrade.
Outside account information is refreshed every 24 hours.
1Texans does not charge a fee for mobile banking, text message banking or any of our smart phone apps. Mobile carriers may assess standard text messaging and/or cell phone data usage charges. Please check with your service provider for more information.

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