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Direct Deposit

You've Got Work Covered. We've Got Your Paycheck.


At Texans, we believe you should be in control of your money. That's why we offer Direct Deposit Switch, a fully automatic tool to update your direct deposit information instantly. Gone are the days of filling out paperwork and forms and relying on your employer to update your information. We put the power in your hands, with 24/7 access to your direct deposit information anywhere you are. After all, it's your paycheck. You earned it.


Get Paid A Day Early

When you set up direct deposit with Texans, you get paid a day early. Access to your hard-earned money sooner - that's doing things the Texans way.

We Do The Work

No more filling out paperwork or waiting for HR to process your forms. We put you in control of your paycheck with our instant Direct Deposit Switch tool.

Your Paycheck, Your Way

Say goodbye to manual account transfers. Control where your money goes with the ability to automatically split your paycheck between your Texans accounts.

Direct Deposit Switch

With our Direct Deposit Switch tool, you can seamlessly and securely connect your payroll account directly to Texans in real-time.

Simply log in to your payroll account directly through the Texans mobile app or Online Banking and choose where you want your money deposited. Your change will be completed in seconds and your very next paycheck could be deposited to the accounts you chose.

1. Select Your Payroll Account

Finding your payroll account is easy. Simply search by your employer or payroll provider to get started. After you've chosen your account, log in with your employee or payroll information. To make things simple, on-screen log in instructions are customized to your employer or provider.


2. Customize Your Deposit

Select the Texans account you'd like your paycheck to be deposited to, then select the amount you'd like to go into that account. Customize your deposit to your needs by choosing to deposit your entire paycheck, a certain percentage, or a specific amount.


3. Confirm Your Choices

Review the selections you've made, then click Confirm to complete the process. Your request will be automatically processed in just seconds - it's that easy!

To split your deposit between multiple accounts, simply repeat this process between as many accounts as you'd like. Remember, the total of the percentages you select for all deposits must add up to 100%.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your previous direct deposit was with a different financial institution and was set up to deposit a specific amount of your paycheck, you will need to cancel the previous specific amount deposit through your employer or payroll provider. If your previous direct deposit was set up to deposit your entire paycheck or a percentage of your paycheck, you do not need to take any additional steps.

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