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Dovly Uplift

Monitor and Improve Your Credit

Your credit matters. Keep your score up and your credit report accurate with this free benefit for our Texans Visa debit cardholders.


Errors On Your Credit Report? Let Dovly Take Care Of It.


From big life goals like purchasing your first home, to everyday savings like car insurance - everyone benefits from a higher score. Don’t let old errors or misinformation drive your credit down. Improve your score with the first automated smart credit engine by enrolling today!

My address is reported incorrectly.
My credit report incorrectly shows collections.
My payment history is inaccurate.
My list of accounts is inaccurate.



Here’s How It Works.

Step 1 - Tell us what’s wrong

Dovly will do a soft pull of your credit, that doesn’t harm your score, to show you a list of your current issues. You select the items you’d like to us to dispute with the credit bureaus, so we can get started.

Step 2 - Dovly does the work

Dovly works with credit bureaus to remove inaccurate items from your credit reports: collections, public records, late payments, and more. Dovly analyzes and prioritizes your inaccurate items based on impact.

Step 3 - Watch your score go up

As we successfully remove negative items, you’ll see your credit score climb. This puts you in a better position to get approved for mortgages, loans, and credit cards at better interest rates.

Step 4 - Let Dovly run on autopilot

Errors pop up on the regular, so why worry about having to check your credit every month? Dovly’s credit engine will keep running and maintaining your score.

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