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4 Reasons to Get Pre-Approved for Your Auto Loan

Take the driver’s seat in the car buying process. We’ll get you pre-approved for an auto loan so you can take the wheel!

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Benefits of Using Mobile Payments


Checking out in-store with contactless mobile payments using digital wallets and mobile payment apps are becoming increasingly popular. Contactless payment is also becoming increasingly available at checkout counters across the country. According to Kount’s Mobile Payments and Fraud 2018 report, 71% of merchants currently support mobile payments, with more being added every day.

Making your daily purchases using mobile payments is simple. You’ll need to load your Texans credit and debit card information into your phone's digital wallet and then follow the simple on-screen instructions to finish set up. Texans currently supports Apple PayGoogle Pay, and Samsung Pay.


Why should I use mobile payments?


The biggest and most obvious draw of mobile payments is their convenience. Just pull out your phone, open your digital wallet app and tap or wave your phone near the payment-enabled terminal.

Digital wallets can also be easily integrated with money-management apps to help make budgeting easy. Every transaction will be instantly recorded for future reference and review. Most retailers also offer the option for electronic receipts with mobile payments in place of paper receipts.

Mobile payments are super-fast. Instead of counting out cash or inserting a card into a payment terminal and waiting for the transaction to clear, it’s just a one-two-three tap to pay. With mobile payments, checking out in any store can take just seconds from start to finish.

Using mobile payments to complete purchases has several security advantages over traditional payment methods. It eliminates the need to carry around cash or credit cards, which always have the risk of being stolen or lost. Misplaced credit cards, in particular, can be a nightmare for consumers, making you vulnerable to identity theft.

Mobile-payment apps also use extra security measures to protect your data, such as encrypting all personal information and utilizing features like fingerprint scans and facial recognition, helping to protect you from fraud.




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