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4 Reasons to Get Pre-Approved for Your Auto Loan

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A Summer of Financial Fun in the Sun


Summer break is in full swing, and while it's prime time for relaxation and fun, it's also a golden opportunity to sneak in some valuable life lessons for the kiddos. Cue the drumroll for today's lesson: money management!

Yep, you heard it right. We're diving into the world of dollars and cents with our little ones. Because let's face it, teaching them about money is like giving them a superpower for adulthood.

As the wise mentors of mini-humans, we hold the key to unlocking their financial wisdom. It all starts with some good old fashioned chats about money. Get cozy and chat about your family's financial values. By bringing the kids into the conversation, they'll get why managing money is like having a secret weapon for life.

Now, onto the fun stuff. Break out the piggy banks and show them the ropes on different bills and coins. It's like a treasure hunt, but with financial literacy as the prize.

Next up, we're tackling the trio: saving, spending, and sharing. Teach them that saving cash is like planting seeds for future dreams, while spending should be done with a sprinkle of wisdom. And let's not forget the warm fuzzies of sharing our wealth with others.

But wait, there's more! We're taking the money lessons out of the classroom and into the real world:

  1. Time to dish out a little allowance and let the kids play money manager. Let them start making mini-decisions about saving, spending, and sharing with their own dollars.
  2. Take them on a grocery store adventure, where they'll learn the art of budgeting and sniffing out the best deals. Step it up a notch by giving them a shopping budget, your list of needs for the week, and a little room to choose a few extras, then watch them go to work!
  3. Got a little entrepreneur in the making? Help them set up a lemonade stand, start a lawn mowing business, or even open a small online store. It's like Shark Tank, but cuter.
  4. Give the older kids a taste of financial freedom with a checking account and debit card. Our My Texans Checking account for teens is a great way to practice money management, while keeping you in control.

These activities aren't just about dollars and cents; they're about equipping our kids with the superpowers of financial responsibility. So, let's make this summer break count by arming our little ones with the tools they need to navigate the world of money like champs. Who knows? Maybe one day they'll be giving us financial advice!


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