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Texans Credit Union will never call you and ask for private information, such as your digital banking username and password, PIN, or Social Security Number. If you receive a call like this, please hang up and call us directly at 972.348.2000.

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Shared Branching FAQ

Shared branching wasn't designed for business accounts, and the ability to perform transactions could be hindered based on how your account is setup. Large cash deposits or high volume check deposits could also be restricted.
No third-party check will be accepted.
U.S. Currency only
If any of the other participating shared branches have coin machines that you can use, you may be subject to any fees or charges that are the policies of those credit unions.
A member's right to privacy as enacted by federal regulations will be upheld to the fullest extent of the law. Members are encouraged to direct specific questions to their home credit union.
Cash back limits will vary by credit union. It may be lower than the cash back limit at Texans Credit Union.
Please have photo identification readily available, as well as your member number.
The shared branch cannot release check holds and will not call Texans Credit Union requesting a check hold release.
You will need to contact Texans Credit Union before attempting to make a late loan payment at a shared branch location.
You can't cash checks at shared branch locations. Furthermore, in order to deposit a check and perform a withdrawal, you must be a member of a credit union on the shared branch network, and you will need the available funds.
The transaction is "real time" which means it is immediately posted to your account. However, newly deposited funds may not be immediately availble for use.
You may make deposits, withdrawals, transfers between accounts, and loan payments at shared branches. Other services, such as cashier's checks and money orders will vary by shared branch.

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